Brand Identity

Brand Identity services for Your business

Do you want to implement a new brand identity? Do you want to optimize the current identity? Or, do you want to roll out brand and marketing campaigns across all your locations? Then look no further.

Brand Identity Orientation

You want to implement a new brand identity, but where to start? Through targeted internal research we determine the scope, help you create a Plan of Action and – when required – connect you with designers that fit your needs. Good preparation is half the battle!

Brand Identity Implementation

The introduction of a new brand identity will reach deep into the heart of your organization. It also often requires a considerable investment and needs to be done right the first time. All the more reason to involve our specialists.

Brand Identity Management

Your brand is your business card, but does it look equally good everywhere? We map out your current brand performance, advise on how to optimize and provide tools and procedures to keep your brand identity in top shape.

Brand Identity services for business

Brand Identity is who you are as a business or organization, and that statement needs to be strong and clear, resonating throughout all aspects of your business decisions. Whether you’re launching a new brand, or in need of a fresh update, we create a defined awareness between you and your consumer, for a lasting impression. Aumcore has launched brands from birth including Logo Design, Voice Development, Copywriting, and more. As a 360˚ Digital marketing agency, our specialty is providing you with the full spectrum of services you’ll require to create or refresh an impressive brand Identity package.

Let our award-winning team transform your Brand Identity

We help startups and established companies develop strong brand identities.


Corporate Naming

Corporate identity is who you are as a company, including corporate design, company culture, values and internal and external communications, creating an overarching identity for the whole company.


Product and Service Naming

n this case, a product name identifies a specific product or service and becomes a brand name when the company starts using it.For example, the Toyota company operates using Toyota as its company name, and its products are cars

Brand Tagline

It's a core part of your brand identity, used consistently throughout many, if not most, of your marketing and advertising. For instance, a brand's tagline is usually part of its brand identity package


Logo Design

Logo design is the process of designing a logo. Branding is the process of building a brand. To be more specific, it is a strategy designed by companies to help people to quickly identify their products and organization, and give them a reason to choose their products over the competition.

Package Design

A branding package is a set of digital and physical resources developed to establish a brand's image. Each item in the package reflects a desired style that brings together a company's assets and communicates a cohesive message across channels

Corporate Identity

our corporate identity, often mistakenly referred to as corporate brand, is a company's visual design elements including logos, print, and electronic media. It solidifies and cohesively identifies the corporate brand image. It helps to make the brand instantly recognizable and memorable to consumers. .

How we create added value for your brand

mplementing a new brand identity or rolling out campaigns are costly, time-consuming and complex projects. There are many pitfalls and the risk of damaging your brand reputation is present especially when the end result does not match the professionalism that is expected of you. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration! Your business knowledge combined with our organizational strength, project management skills and brand management knowledge, together we add value to your brand!

Benefits of Hiring elegantdigital for Brand Identity